Framed, Classic Design

Transitional Cabinets

Designs built with the aesthetic of traditional cabinets, and the hardware of modern cabinets. Made to feel good, this design offers a wide range of looks and styles that Modern and Euro don't. Using frameless Modern boxes and Traditional doors, Transitional cabinets offer the best of both worlds.

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Transitional Cabinets in the Seattle Area

Transitional kitchen cabinets are often more contemporary without being over the top modern. For example, Shaker cabinets look great in a more traditional kitchen with the right colors and hardware. On the other hand, Shaker cabinets work as transitional kitchen cabinets too because they look right at home in a contemporary kitchen when the other details are contemporary. Yet the “traditional” look of the Shaker cabinet style keeps the room from being contemporary. That’s the transitional aspect of this design approach.


Custom Made Transitional kitchen cabinets

A problem that we have the ability to fix is that not every house is made the same. Almost all cabinets are made via a cookie-cutter fashion which can sometimes leave odd gaps. AbsoluteGM custom makes all cabinets in house to fit whatever the need our clients have, to ensure beautifully designed areas.

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