New and Advanced, Man-Made Natural Stone

Sintered Stone countertops- Dekton, Lapitech, Neolith

Dekton is a powerful material with rising demand. Tougher than quartz and more scratch-resistant than porcelain, this sintered stone has the stunning gift to be used anywhere except your ceiling. Absolute GM is a certified ambassador, able to handle any application.

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What is Sintered Stone?

When it comes to countertops, the first thought is usually quartz or granite. However, there's a new material, Sintered stone. Popular in Europe, already taking over 70% of the market. Sintered stone is like porcelain, but is subjected to much higher pressure and heat during manufacturing, resulting in a metamorphic process to bind natural materials with out resins or binders.

By taking natural minerals and processing them with this method, the end result has outstanding physical properties such as resistance, durability and compactness. While great for countertops, Sintered stone can be used for virtually any surface, from patios to fireplaces, this material is the modern solution.


Sintered Stone applications


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Benefits of Sintered stone

  • value (1)

    Highly Scratch-resistant

    Resistant to marks and scratches due to the hardness of the material. The most scratch resistant surface on the market. 

  • growth

    All Natural

    Resin-free. Does not release any harmful substance into the environment.

  • ice-crystal (1)

    Resistant to ice and freezing

    Freezing temperatures do not effect the strength or durability.

  • uv-ray-warning

    Resistant to UV Rays

    Being that the color is 100% natural, their is no deteriorate due to sun or temperature exposure.

  • cleaning

    Easy to clean

    Soap and water is all thats required.

  • bending

    Resistant to bending

    Capable of handling high pressure and weight loads.

  • fire

    High Resistance to fire and heat

    It does not burn in contact with fire, discolor, crack, or let off smoke and toxic substances.

  • tools

    Low Maintenance

    Resistant to chemical cleaning agents due to the nonporous properties.

  • like


    Completely suitable for contact with food. Will not harbor bacteria.


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