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Comfortable and sleek, modern cabinet design is much like Euro, but with the addition of handles. A slight difference that changes the look and feel of a kitchen, modern design is simplistic and focuses on creating a space that is functional and comfortable while exuding class and sophistication.

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Modern and contemporary design is popular in the Seattle area, turning a kitchen into a piece of art, where beauty is in the streamlined nature.

A simpler look without decorative trim or faux finishes that you might see in more traditional cabinetry. Modern, or contemporary, cabinets feature sleek, flat designs that focus more on the colors and how they accent the room. White is extremely popular because it acts as a neutral base so that the focus is more on how a kitchen is laid out. Drawing more attention to the design and the surroundings, as well as having the ability to pair well with stainless steel appliances, and most countertop materials. Other colors can evoke emotions, the end result in any case is a modern, simplistic look, giving areas a clean aesthetic feel to create and live in.

Modern kitchen cabinets design

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