Innovation in Fabrication

The Process and Systems 



The tools we use set the baseline for AbsoluteGM. Starting with a design that feeds into the CNC machines, slabs are cut with only 1/64th of an inch error from the laser-measured template taken at the job site. From that point the edges are refined, then finished by hand. 

To the left is a sample video from TITAN about one of the machines we use.



We created our own project management software to deliver the best results to our clients. Allowing our sales staff to communicate your project to the slab smiths with a rock-solid schedule.


Design tools for kitchen and bath solutions

AbsoluteGM is the leading company in the design and manufacturing of modern kitchen and bath cabinetry. We combine industry knowledge and technical expertise to provide you with the kitchen/bath design solution of the future. We offer an evolving selection of building materials covering every aspect of a modern-day kitchen and bath.


WEEKe Cabinet Technology

For over 70 years WEEke has been manufacturing powerful wood processing machines for the furniture and carpentry industries. With an extensive line of machinery including CNC Machining Centers, CNC Routers, and CNC Drilling and Dowel Insertion machines, WEEke continues to lead the industry innovative solutions providing faster, more efficient production capabilities for manufacturers of all sizes.


Park industries technology

Park Industries began providing full-service solutions to the stone industry in 1953. Their equipment is designed for maximum durability, minimal downtime, and high efficiency. Quality is ensured by keeping all operations in-house with complete control, from design to assembly. Park Industries equipment is the industry standard and the most durable on the market, built to minimize downtime and maximize profitability.

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