Cabinets LED light profile

Led Lights for Modern Cabinets

The right undercabinet lighting can make your kitchen simultaneously more functional and more beautiful. It provides bright task lighting just where you need it, adding illumination that not only aids with food preparation but also adds a sense of drama and finish to the entire room. It can also double as evening lighting, allowing you to turn off bright overhead lights in favor of dimmer, moodier lighting from a concealed, discreet source.

Design with LED lighting in mind!

Undercabinet lighting comes in LED, fluorescent (inexpensive and cool, but not dimmable) and incandescent (this includes Xenon which provides a warmer glow and is usually dimmable).

LED is the most energy-efficient of all the options. Many LED fixtures are designed to be direct-wired, so they don’t hog your outlets and they maintain a streamlined look. Hardwired systems require a 120V power source for each unit, which means their placement will have to be carefully planned by an electrician, ideally at the same time as cabinet installation. Direct-wire systems can be installed retroactively into a completed kitchen, but will likely require some heavier renovation work, since you’ll need to cut into the backsplash wall.


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